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FALL REGISTRATION – Voices From War – #writing


Come check out our Fall workshops – work on your story (memoir, fiction, poetry) with fellow veterans…

MANHATTAN (Registration) (14th Street Y, near Union Square) – WEDNESDAYS, 7:00 – 9:00 pm
BRONX (Registration) (Morris Park NYPL) – SATURDAYS, 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 pm

Dedicated instructors and engaged community of veterans and family member/civilians.

THANK YOU to Nina Semczuk for dedicated instruction 2017-18!
And a huge WELCOME to Siobhan Adcock, author of The Completionist, joining Scott Reel in the classroom (14th Street Y – Manhattan) this FALL!

More DETAILS:  Workshops Page & Below

About the Instructors –> click Here
QUESTIONS?  email:
PLUS:  Don’t miss our…


SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th, 4:00-5:30 pm

14th Street Y, 344 East 14th St., NY, NY  10003

Let us know you’re coming…

RSVP  email:


Whether you’re just thinking about getting some of your experiences down on paper, or have already been writing, join us for the FALL season (10 Sessions – Manhattan or Bronx) for stories, community, and new skills.

Our stories aren’t always easy to share or explain. In this workshop, we talk about techniques for getting started and for moving forward. Maybe you want to find ways to explain military experience, including combat, to family and friends. Or you may be interested in publication, and want to explore possibilities for sharing fiction or true experiences with a wider audience.
Join fellow veterans in a friendly community this FALL for Voices From War’s writing workshop for veterans.
Voices From War has been running writing workshops for veterans (and family members) since 2013.  All levels welcome.
Additional DETAILS on the Workshops page.



THANK YOU to our READERS and GUESTS on June 3rd, 2018, at our Summer Reading VETERAN MOSAIC!

Thank you Amazon Literary Partnership for another year of support (2018-19)!
Thank you Poets & Writers for Spring and Fall 2018 support for teaching artists Nina Semczuk and Siobhan Adcock!

Thank you to all of our participants, instructors, and supporters for our Spring 2018 season!



Kara Krauze
Founder, Director
Voices From War

Writing Workshops for Veterans


THANK YOU, Readers, Supporters and Audience!

THANK YOU, everyone! for such a fantastic evening of Voices From War‘s “21st Century War Stories”!

First short video glimpse here of our JUNE 25th event!

READERS, Instructors, & Volunteers!
Jeremy H. Warneke, Siobhan Adcock, Nina Semczuk, Jeff Loeb, John LoSasso, Ted Hayes, Ken Sander, Amanda Briggs, Rafael Diaz, Ronnie Balog, Phil Nerges, Vic Ruggiero, Leo Farley, Kara Krauze, Louis Gaudio,The Craft of War Writing, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, 14th Street Y
Thank you ALL and THANK YOU to our Supporters and Audience!
#MoreVoices #writing #veterans










Late Summer NEWS

September 2, 2016

Hello everyone!

We hope you’ve had a wonderful summer. It’s that time again! Time to spread the word about Voices From War’s FALL Workshops (and REGISTER)!

Full DETAILS below, on the website (, and the attached FLYERS. Please SHARE with your networks – and feel free to contact us with any questions.
And don’t forget to scroll down for our PARTNER NEWS at the end of this email.

SEPTEMBER 10th marks the return of our 2nd Season BRONX collaboration with JEREMY WARNEKE teaching “The Craft of War Writing” – hosted by the welcoming Morris Park Public Library (NYPL) and with support from the wonderful Bronx Council of the Arts.

ALSO Saturday, SEPTEMBER 10th! – later that day – we have our FALL OPEN HOUSE & SOCIAL, downtown at the 14th Street Y. We hope to see you there!

SATURDAY, SEPT 10th, 4:00-6:00 pm
at the 14th Street Y (Manhattan)
344 East 14th Street, NY, NY  10003
RSVP preferred:

FALL WORKSHOPS at the 14th Street Y start TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 20th.



Registration Link for The Craft of War Writing in the BRONX:

“The CRAFT of WAR WRITING” in the BRONX – FALL 2016 – a VOICES FROM WAR collaboration, with instructor Jeremy Warneke.
The FALL 2016 Workshop consists of 10 sessions (SEPT 10th – NOV 12th):
SATURDAY, 12:00 – 2:00 p.m.
   SEPT: 10, 17, 24  Small black square  OCT: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29  Small black square   NOV: 5 & 12 
Small black square
QUESTIONS?  Please email:


Registration Link for Voices From War at the 14th Street Y:

FALL 2016 Season of the VOICES FROM WAR Writing Workshop for Veterans in NYC at the 14th Street Y in Manhattan.
The FALL 2016 Workshop, Season 7, consists of 10 sessions (SEPT 20th – DEC 6th):
TUESDAY, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.:
   SEPT: 20 & 27  Small black square  OCT: 5*, 18, 25  Small black square   NOV: 1, 15, 22, 29  Small black square   DEC: 6
     (The Tuesday, Oct. 4th class will take place on *WED, Oct. 5th* due to facility closure.)

We hope you can also join us for our OPEN HOUSE & SOCIAL on SATURDAY, SEPT 10th, 4:00-6:00 p.m.
OPEN HOUSE – RSVP preferred. Email:

QUESTIONS?  Please email:



TANGO ON THE BALCONY – and their Partner Video Series (EPISODE 3: Voices From War)
Voices From War partner Tango on the Balcony, a veteran-driven narrative short film illustrating post-traumatic stress (PTSD) and its effects. The film Tango on the Balcony screened earlier this year at the Cannes Short Film Corner and the G.I. Film Festival (DC), and had its NY Premiere at the SoHo International Film Festival in June 2016.
It was a pleasure to be able to introduce the film at the partner screening for Tango supporters and sponsors in July and moderate the scintillating conversation among its principals.
You can watch Episode 3 of their PARTNER INTERVIEW SERIES, featuring Voices From War (interview with Founder/Director, Kara Krauze) on our home page (scroll down): and via Facebook:
LIBRARY OF AMERICA – World War I Centennial
Be sure to check out what’s happening with the inimitable Library of America, with whom we’ve been so pleased to partner on their fantastic, nationwide World War I Programming – marking the centennial of America’s entry into the war (Spring 2017). Lots going on – and a lot of opportunities for engagement across the country, as well as online. Coming soon on their site: a list of literature by veterans. Many of you have been asking for suggestions – we’ve shared some of our favorites, which will go live soon.
Stay tuned for more – and be sure to visit:

We are excited for more growth and activity in the works for this fall and the coming year! Stay tuned for details – and, in the meantime, please share the FALL WORKSHOP details via Email, by posting and setting out FLYERS, and on SOCIAL MEDIA!

PDF versions attached – you can find JPEG versions for sharing on our Facebook and Twitter feeds –> See below!



We hope to see you soon!

Very best,

Kara Krauze
Founder, Director
Voices From War

Writing Workshops for Veterans

flyer_craft_of_war_writing_vfw__fall_20162 voices_from_war__flyer__fall_2016

“Tango” NY Film Premiere & More!    

Last year, Voices From War partnered with Tango on the Balcony, a narrative short film project telling the visceral story of a veteran dealing with post-traumatic stress after service in Iraq.

The NY Premiere of Cyprian Films‘ narrative short film Tango on the Balcony is this weekend!

==> Tango on the Balcony NY PREMIERE

SUNDAY, JUNE 12th, 11:00 a.m.

at the SoHo Film Festival


COME SEE one of our Voices From War workshop participant’s own work on stage!

==> Phil Nerges’s show!  “Don’t Feed The Cats”

Talented writer, songwriter, and poet, PHIL NERGES, served as a contractor in Iraq. His humility, intelligence, and soulful way with words have impressed many of us! Whether you’ve met Phil in the Voices From War classroom, heard him read at our event last November, or haven’t yet had the chance… we hope you can come see his exciting new production in NYC before it heads to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland!

NEXT WEEK in Brooklyn!

THURS., JUNE 16th, 7:30 pm (Doors Open)

FROM the Producers:

“A brand new blues-rock greek tragedy about war profiteering, explosive highways and hungry cats. Give our show a NYC send off before we sail over the Atlantic to present at this year’s EDINBURGH FRINGE FESTIVAL!”

THANK YOU to all of our workshop participants – and our supporters! – this Spring. What a great season!

With a special THANK YOU and “Shout Out” to…

Host of our NYC Manhattan workshop – the 14th Street Y!
NYC co-instructor NATE BETHEA! and NYC participant mentor AMANDA BRIGGS!
Our BRONX collaboration – The CRAFT of WAR WRITING with JEREMY WARNEKE!
Host to The CRAFT of WAR WRITING – the Morris Park Library and the NYPL!
Support from POETS & WRITERS’ Readings & Workshop Series (Manhattan)!
Support for The CRAFT of WAR WRITING from the BRONX  COUNCIL on the ARTS!


Open House – Coming Up

OPPORTUNITY for VETERANS – Winter-Spring 2016   Voices from War_Pen-Paper

Come discuss short fiction and memoir written by veterans and select civilians – and write your own.

VOICES FROM WAR – Writing Workshop for Veterans – Season 6  (NYC: Manhattan) *

OPEN HOUSE – Sunday, FEB 7th, 4:00-6:00 pm  ▪  RSVP

Workshops: TUES., FEB 23rd–MAY 24th Registration

Whether you’re just thinking about getting some of your experiences down on paper, or have already been writing, join us on 10 Tuesdays at 7pm (February to May) for stories, community, and new skills.
Our stories aren’t always easy to share or explain. In this workshop, we talk about techniques for getting started and for moving forward. Maybe you want to find ways to explain military experience, including combat, to family and friends. Or you may be interested in publication, and want to explore possibilities for sharing fiction or true experiences with a wider audience.
Join fellow veterans in a friendly community this spring for Voices From War’s writing workshop for veterans hosted by the 14th Street Y (344 E. 14th St., near Union Square).

Voices From War has been running writing workshops for veterans since 2013.  All levels welcome.
Inquiries from interested family members also welcome.

OPEN HOUSE & SOCIAL in NYC this SUNDAY, FEB 7th, 4:00-600 pm  (rsvp requested)

Workshop REGISTRATION & DETAILS on the website:


Writing and Reading War Stories in the 21st Century
FREE for Veterans.  ▪   Light Refreshments Provided.

* Stay tuned for additional opportunities coming up in the Bronx and beyond the NY-Metro area.

PLUS: Don’t miss Voices From War Instructor NATE BETHEA‘s Op-Ed in last week’s New York Times!  –>  “The Truth About PTSD,” by Nate Bethea (1/23/16; NYT)      






Stories, Respect, and the News

photo 1(1)With so much sad news and divisiveness in our city and the world, I’ve been trying to remind myself of the small actions people can take to bridge divides in experience and perspective and to make sense of their own experiences. I started Voices from War and our writing workshops for veterans in 2013 with this in mind: the gaps between people’s experiences, the silence, the voids of comprehension, the need on the individual level for this to be different, and what it does for broader communities to be able to speak of or explain what seems unspeakable or inexplicable.

Readers of this blog know that experiences of war are complex, often difficult to explain; and veterans have too few places to share them, or simply make sense of them for oneself. Narrative helps bring disparate and contradictory actions, emotions, relationships, together. Writing helps in creating a sense of order from disorder. Without hostility; with respect.

I keep thinking of the mutual respect we share within the Voices from War workshops – among different generations and backgrounds, different political groundings, while engaging with harsh realities – and the community that arises alongside the discussions and stories, both fiction and non-fiction. Divides within ourselves and between ourselves and others are bridged in the workshops – in the room and with writing – and through related outreach, publication, and public events.

In this difficult period of strife and too-frequent bad news… in this period of generosity of spirit, family, and festive lights… may there be more support for civil discussion, mutual respect, telling and hearing, with empathy, each others’ stories.

Please consider supporting Voices from War and our work during this season of giving. Our first fundraising appeal is going on now through Indiegogo.

We need your support to sustain and grow what we do.

Thank you – and Happy Holidays to 4(2)

Kara Krauze

New York City, Dec. 22, 2014

 ______________________   photo 3(4)

You can read about our exciting perks on the Indiegogo page, including great books, subscriptions to Tin House literary journal, our own logo Notebooks and Totes – and more!

You can also help by sharing on Facebook and Twitter, or by email.

Reading, Writing & Talking War—more event details


Coming up on Friday, November 8th, at 8:00 p.m., in FIT’s Katie Murphy Amphitheatre in NYC.

Check out the exciting writers participating below!

Scaled ticketing available: $10, $15, $25 (open seating).
Free tickets available for veterans and students, and reserved comp tickets on request.
For any complimentary ticketing, please contact…


Stories act as a powerful bridge between civilians and veteran experience. On November 8th, through the readings and panel in “Reading, Writing & Talking War,” literary discussions will intersect with veteran discussions – an occasion for readers and writers, civilians and veterans.

Illustrious writer Roxana Robinson, author of deeply engaged and affecting novels like Cost, about a family facing a son’s heroin addiction, and her new work Sparta, drawing us into the life of a soldier just returned from Iraq, will be reading alongside four amazing writers who are veterans.

Maurice Decaul served in Iraq and went on to get a B.A. in History from Columbia and is now pursuing his MFA in Poetry at NYU. In addition to being a powerful poet, he is a major contributor to Vijay Iyer (2013 MacArthur winner) and Mike Ladd’s new album, Holding It Down: The Veterans’ Dreams Project, an intoxicating  fusion of jazz and hip-hop.

Mariette Kalinowski, completing her MFA at Hunter and instructing a new crop of writers, is a probing writer of short fiction, on display in her story “The Train,” included in the anthology Fire and Forget: Short Stories from the Long War. She deployed twice to Iraq and is at work on what will surely be an amazing novel, illuminating the female veteran experience.

J.A. Moad II, a former Air Force pilot, who continues to fly commercially from his home base in Minnesota, has been a professor of war literature, educating fellow soldiers and veterans in the power of literature to enlighten and inform. While at work on an exciting novel, he also serves as fiction editor with War, Literature and the Arts, actively engaged in presenting new voices on the complicated subject of war.

Jacob Siegel, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, who continues to serve in the National Guard, is editor of The Hero Project at The Daily Beast, a singular and important voice for dialogue on veterans, national politics, heroes and literature. His own prose, tightly crafted and powerful in its evocation of veteran experience, will be on display in his novel-in-progress, and has already appeared in national publications and in the story “Smile, There are IEDs Everywhere” in Fire and Forget, which he co-edited. Jake co-teaches Voices from War, a writing workshop for veterans, with writer and educator…

Kara Krauze, who will be moderating the discussion with these five diverse voices during our evening of “Reading, Writing & Talking War.”

Follow this link to go straight to online details and ticketing:

Be sure to check out the full week of events, veteran-focused and arts-focused, during the Veteran Artist Program’s Arts & Service Celebration, November 2nd – 9th:


                           Event brought to you by…
Veteran Artist Program

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Don’t miss the stories. Don’t miss the dialogue.

If you are a veteran, and want to work on your own stories…

REGISTER for Voices from War’s Writing Workshop for Veterans, team-taught by Kara Krauze and Jake Siegel.
Come work on your story in a supportive community of fellow vets.