Programming Update – Moving Online

MARCH 13, 2020


Our programs continue via an online learning platform!

Connecting LIVE every week during our regularly scheduled class times.

We are so grateful for our fantastic hosts, both centers of community engagement, the 14th Street Y, serving Manhattan’s East Village for many years, and the Morris Park Library, part of our amazing NYC (NYPL) public library system. Both locations are closed for a time, beginning March 14th. Voices From War has already taken steps this past week, and moved our Voices From War programming to a remote (video conferencing) format on March 11th, using the “Zoom” platform.

While we love and miss our in-person community — we also want to report our successful online community gathering and ongoing engagement with our participants, their writing, literary discussion, and shared conversations! Having a way to continue community engagement–though remote for the time being–is all the more important as we all face necessary measures for in-person social isolation. Twice a week Voices From War continues to be socially connected “live” in real time through our virtual classrooms.

We look forward, as always, to seeing and sharing discussion with our regular participants; and we welcome newcomers too.

For new participants!

Please register via our usual Registration links (Spring 2020):

14Y REGISTRATION LINK (Wednesdays, 7pm, Classes):
NYPL Bronx REGISTRATION LINK (Saturdays, 12:15 pm, Classes):

And of course, feel free to reach out with any questions:

Wishing everyone well wishes and health as we change our routines and find new ways to be creative and connected together.

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