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To take the unknown and discover what we know

imageTuesday, January 20th, 2015

Friends and Colleagues,

Today is the FINAL DAY of our Voices From War INDIEGOGO FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN and the last chance to make a difference on this campaign. Now is the time—for any last minute sharing with friends and to contribute if you can.

A donation of any size is appreciated—each show of support makes a difference.

And there are still some great perks remaining!

THANK YOU to all of you who have contributed, through your online donations, by sharing our Appeal with others, by valuing Voices From War’s programming—valuing veterans and their stories—and letting us know in so many ways.

We will continue to update you on upcoming events, publication of our first collection of participant work in Voices from War, Volume 1, and other interesting news, writing tips, and thoughts on veterans’ stories and writing.

At Voices From War, we understand…

Through writing we are offered a means to create something bigger than the parts from which it is made. To take what we think we know, and find the unknown. Or the inverse: to take the unknown and discover what we know.

Each voice matters.


“Recently, I have come to see that while we will change whether or not we want to, our history – what we’ve inherited from others, and from ourselves – doesn’t change. Our task is not to wipe a difficult history away and start fresh, but to get right with it.”
–  Peter Mountford, from “A Table Set for the Past and the Future”

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Our Indiegogo Appeal ends tonight at midnight!

You can view again on Indiegogo what Voices From War has accomplished in our first year-and-a-half of workshopsand what we’re planning next with the help of our supporters and participants, our VOICES From War.

REGISTRATION and Class Details for the Winter-Spring 2015 Voices From War (NYC, Season 4) workshop available on the website.

The Voices From War OPEN HOUSE & SOCIAL is Tuesday, FEBRUARY 3rd – RSVP to info@voicesfromwar.org

Indiegogo:  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/voices-from-war/x/8978084

Voices From War workshop details (Winter-Spring 2015):  https://voicesfromwar.org/workshop/

Thank you!

All the best,

Kara Krauze
Founder, Director
Voices From War

Writing Workshops for Veterans


Weekends & News


Weekends are the ideal time for lazy readings of the Voices++_about_VfW_blue__12-2014newspaper, a new book or a favorite old one. And weekend days offer time to catch up. We have news about our Winter-Spring 2015 NYC workshop… and our Voices From War fundraiser, with only 3 days to go!

You may have missed some of the exciting perks available through the Voices From War fundraiser – and they’re only available until January 20th!

news-bit_perks_1-17-15*FICTION from Vietnam veteran (& publisher of Blue Heron Books) Bathsheba Monk * MEMOIR with HISTORY on the Cold War by writer Mary Lawlor * A year’s worth of fantastic WRITING from TIN HOUSE Magazine (only one subscription left!) * And more GREAT PERKS! *

There’s not much time left!

We send citizens to war, we welcome them home—and now we ask not for silence but for complicated experiences put into words. Now we listen.

If you want to show your support for Voices From War’s free writing workshops for text-block-B_blog_1-17-15veterans and help make possible our first publication, Voices from War, Volume 1, showcasing the stories of participants from the first year of Voices From War, please consider making a modest donation.

And please share our appeal with others who care about veterans and about writing.
(THANK YOU if you have already given! And if you have shared news about Voices From War!)

You can read about our progress and success stories—

and what Voices from War strives to do—here:


We have only 3 DAYS left to reach our Indiegogo goal!

Don’t forget to refer your friends and colleagues through the Indiegogo site, via social media, or by sharing this email!

Any questions, suggestions, introductions, or collaborations—please reach out to  info@voicesfromwar.org.

With thanks,

Kara Krauze
Founder, Director
Voices From War
Writing Workshops for Veterans


NYC Veterans Alliance

Stand Beside Them

Women Veterans Empowerment Day

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Stories, Respect, and the News

photo 1(1)With so much sad news and divisiveness in our city and the world, I’ve been trying to remind myself of the small actions people can take to bridge divides in experience and perspective and to make sense of their own experiences. I started Voices from War and our writing workshops for veterans in 2013 with this in mind: the gaps between people’s experiences, the silence, the voids of comprehension, the need on the individual level for this to be different, and what it does for broader communities to be able to speak of or explain what seems unspeakable or inexplicable.

Readers of this blog know that experiences of war are complex, often difficult to explain; and veterans have too few places to share them, or simply make sense of them for oneself. Narrative helps bring disparate and contradictory actions, emotions, relationships, together. Writing helps in creating a sense of order from disorder. Without hostility; with respect.

I keep thinking of the mutual respect we share within the Voices from War workshops – among different generations and backgrounds, different political groundings, while engaging with harsh realities – and the community that arises alongside the discussions and stories, both fiction and non-fiction. Divides within ourselves and between ourselves and others are bridged in the workshops – in the room and with writing – and through related outreach, publication, and public events.

In this difficult period of strife and too-frequent bad news… in this period of generosity of spirit, family, and festive lights… may there be more support for civil discussion, mutual respect, telling and hearing, with empathy, each others’ stories.

Please consider supporting Voices from War and our work during this season of giving. Our first fundraising appeal is going on now through Indiegogo.

We need your support to sustain and grow what we do.

Thank you – and Happy Holidays to all.photo 4(2)

Kara Krauze

New York City, Dec. 22, 2014


https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/voices-from-war   photo 3(4)

You can read about our exciting perks on the Indiegogo page, including great books, subscriptions to Tin House literary journal, our own logo Notebooks and Totes – and more!

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