Writer Roxana Robinson on the civilian-military divide

Writer Roxana Robinson picks her five favorite war books for The Literarian, and writes of researching her new novel Sparta:
“I became fascinated by the world of the military—how different it is from the civilian world, how differently it’s structured, and how powerful and compelling and complex and ancient it is. Suddenly, I couldn’t get enough information about it. I read and read, and I went to veterans’ gatherings, and I interviewed veterans. I was caught up in the drama of a movement that was deeply connected to our lives, but which had nothing to do with them. I was struck by this fact—how separate the two lives are, and how impossible it seemed to be, to connect them. And I was struck by the way this seemed to have been true always, going back to The Iliad.”
REGISTRATION open for Voices from War’s Writing Workshop for Veterans – Fall 2013.

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